into the shadows

Video Documentary

A pursuit into the underworld of the inner city of Johannesburg.

As political and economic tides change across the African continent, so communities are uprooted and people from neighboring countries move to South Africa in search of a better life.  Many arrive in the inner city of Johannesburg, where they struggle for acceptance in the face of discrimination, poverty and violence.  In their desperation they resort to the only accommodation they can afford: the slum buildings of the inner city of Johannesburg.


An ALTAMAR production

Director Pep Bonet

Producer & Script Line Hadsbjerg

Sound & Editing Jose Bautista


2016 South African Documentary Festival in Brazil, Final Selection

2015 South African Documentary Festival in BERLIN, Final selection

2014 Sex Actually Film Festival, South Africa

2014 Solo para Cortos festival, Barcelona, Opera Prima 1st prize



2013 World Press Photo Award, 1st Prize multimedia online short category

Line’s TEDx TALK - Into the Shadows, Berlin