Video Documentary

FORCED is a multimedia documentary film on child labour and exploitation in Bangladesh.

FORCED sets out to capture the complexity and prolific occurrence of child labour and exploitation in Bangladesh. This film takes you into the streets of Dhaka, where children form part of the visual landscape: an integrated part of the work force, they work because society accepts their fate and survival dictates their limited choices. In the underworld of the brothels, behind closed doors, girls share their testimonies of having to work as sex slaves, bought and sold by brokers, shamed by society, with no escape. 


An ALTAMAR production

Director Pep Bonet

Producer & Script Line Hadsbjerg

Sound & Editing Jose Bautista


2017 SIMA Cambodia - Global Impact Cinema

2015 SIMA AWARDS: Best Editing & Best Stylistic Approach

SIMA Classroom Program

2015 Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival: Best Short Documentary